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If it's a necessity to make an online payment you can do so below. You can fill in the total when you submit your payment.
Payments by mail are preferred, as there is not a fee. Please use the address below. Thank you.
Website Updates & Maintenance Plans You can change plans at any time. Plan 1: $10 per website update for up to 15 minutes of work. Extra time will be billed at $10 per every 15 minutes. Plan 2: $50 per website update for up to 2 hours of work. Extra time will be billed at $25 per hour. Plan 3*: $30 every month by subscription for up to 1 hour of work. Extra time will be billed at $25 per hour. *This plan must be purchased separately from other features by clicking the button below. Details: There will not be a charge for mistakes made by the web designer. There will be a charge to correct mistakes made by the client. Such as giving incorrect information. Time increments for multiple task updates begin one week from the first update request. For example: If you have Plan #2 and your first update request is on the 1st of the month, you may add additional tasks for up to 1 week (the 7th) before you will be charged another $50 for another separate update. Additional time after the first time increment will be billed based on your chosen plan. Occasionally features on a website will break on a website that is the fault of a service, such as a paid account for a shopping cart, forums, hosting etc... This may happen when a service changes coding, non-payment by the client for the service or the service goes out-of- business etc... I will not use an unstable service intentionally therefore, I must charge for removing or substituting the service with an adequate replacement if one can be found.
Other Design Work Custom Design work is charged by the hour. Your total will be invoiced after the work is complete, however a down-payment is required to eliminate non-serious customers. Rate: $50 per project for up to 2 hours of work. Extra time will be billed at $25 per hour. Including designing the following... Logo Design Brochure Design Invoice Design Letterhead Design Business Cards Business Page on Facebook. Basic Photo Editing Video Creation Blog Template set -up and more.